Science Enrichment Year 3

Science Enrichment Year 3
On 5th May, Year 3 took a trip to Dorchester Thomas Hardye School for a science enrichment on the Human Body. What an amazing time they had!
In the science lab, first they explored the bones of all different animals:
Now it was time to start the real learning and get to grips with our topic back at school The Human Body.
First, a look at X-rays of human bones!
Next, a discussion about organs and an activity to place organs in the right place on a human body outline. The children came out with some AMAZING answers and all built on their existing knowledge further.
Afterwards, the children got to have a closer look at some real organs! A sheep's heart and liver!
Then, the children learn about blood. The used their measuring skills to mix sweets and a liquid representing red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma and platelets. What great scientists these children are!
To end, they learnt how quickly the body reacts and sends messages to different parts. The children discussed ways they can keep all these body parts looked at healthy.