Frome Valley Citizens

At Frome Valley First School, we work very hard to be responsible and caring citizens.


Citizenship Day

Each term begins with Citizenship Day. We spend the day reminding ourselves of the importance of being good citizens. We look at Global Citizenship too. In the afternoon, all the children work on anti-bullying. Everyone wears blue clothes all day as this reminds us that blue is the universal colour of anti-bullying.


Citizenship Awards

Each term, during Sharing Assembly, two citizenship certificates are given out to each class. These citizenship certificates are awarded to children that have been kind and caring citizens all term. These citizenship awards are chosen by the children themselves.


DASP Citizens

We work in partnership with other local schools in DASP: The Dorchester Area Schools Partnership.
Each year, in July, one child from each class in each DASP school is named as the DASP Citizen for that year. So, at our school, there will be a Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4 DASP citizen chosen each year. The DASP citizen is chosen, once again, by the children themselves.

All the children receive their DASP citizen plaques at a special DASP Awards Ceremony at the end of the academic year.


Caring Caterpillars

A few years ago, children in all of DASP worked with teachers to create DASP ‘Caring Caterpillars’. These ‘Caring Caterpillars’ remind all DASP children on how we can be kind and caring citizens in all of our schools.

You will find these posters in all of our classes and the children use the ‘Caring Caterpillars’ to decide on the citizen for their class for each term as well as to help them decide on the DASP Citizen for the year.


Class Dojo Points

Our children can gain class and individual Dojo points for being a good citizen. This includes demonstrating our 3 core values of respect, perseverance and compassion or being a good citizen around the school. Finally, children can also be awarded Dojo points for being a good Eco Warrior!


The School Kindness Tree

In our school hall, there is a very large Kindness Tree. It reminds the children, every day, that we expect kind hands and kind words within our school. Each class collects kindness tokens during break and lunchtime and, at the end of each week, a leaf is put onto the tree for the class that has shown the greatest kindness that week. 


Break and Lunch Times

We work together to ensure there are positive break and lunch times for all children. There is a quiet reflection area for those children that would like a quiet moment to themselves. There is a friendship bench (designed by the children) that you can sit on if you need a friend to play with. We have zones during break and lunch time to support positive and enjoyable play. Examples of zones include: the quiet zone, football zone, traditional games zone and performance zone. Playgroup pals (led by Year 3) also encourage positive play where all children are included. There are playground rules and a football charter (both devised by the children) to ensure that all children understand the rules and responsibilities they have for positive playtimes.