Autumn 2018

Teddy Bear's Picnic
The children have been learning about Bears during our topic, 'Bears, Bears Everywhere!'. To celebrate the success of our topic learning and the super start to the school year, we decided to have a teddy bear's picnic. The children spent the day preparing food for the picnic, including fruit kebabs, sandwiches and biscuits. Then parents, grandparents and siblings joined us in the afternoon to enjoy our picnic in the sunshine with our teddy bears and our friends. Thanks to all who came along! 
Ten Frame Maths
Reception class have been learning to represent numbers up to 10 using ten frames. We used ten frames to support our number sense. In this activity, we had to recognise the number on the ten frame and then make the matching number of playdough blobs to go with it.
As a part of our ICT curriculum, the children in Reception have been learning how to use the Beebots. They have learnt how to control the Beebot using the arrows and go button. They have also had a go at writing and following instructions with the Beebot. Lastly, they worked together in teams to create an obstacle course for their Beebot to find its way around.