Autumn 2019

Land, Stone and Bone. 
This term we have been learning about fossils and Mary Anning. We wrote some super poems about the Weymouth Bay Pliosaur. They are on display outside our classroom, so do have look if you have the chance!
We had a great trip to Ringstead Bay and were lucky enough to find lots of oyster shell fossils in the clay.The weather was fine and it only rained a little at lunch time. We were lucky to have fossil expert Mr Holiday to act as our guide. He helped us find all the best places to look for fossils. We enjoyed exploring the beach to find them. When we had lunch we also had time to draw some of the fossils we found. 
We had a brilliant day.
Our second topic for the half term was all about Cars. We worked hard to design and make our own cars. They had to have a working axle and we looked at cars from the past and present for inspiration. 
Once we had designed our cars we chose suitable materials to make and decorate them with. Have a look at some of the cars we made...