Autumn 2019

Autumn Term 2019
Buddy Time!
Reception class met their year 4 buddies! The buddy system helps Reception class children settle into school when they first start. The year 4's help to take care of their Reception buddy at break times and lunch times. We have weekly 'buddy time' on a Friday during which we all play together and complete lots of different activities. This helps us to build a strong relationship full of trust and respect. It's also fun too!
Harvesting from the Vegetable Patch!
Whilst learning about Harvest, we took some time to visit Reception's vegetable patch in the school garden. It was full of tomatoes, beans and even some pumpkins! We picked the ripe vegetables and brought them back to class. After a wash, we even had a taste of them as we discussed how the plants had been looked after and what they needed to grow so well. 
Phonics and CVC Words!
Now that we have learnt all of the set one sounds in phonics, we have started to use 'fred fingers' to segment the sounds in simple words to start to spell. Firstly, we 'say the word and pinch the sounds' on our fingers. Then, we used magnetic letters to spell out the word. Now that we know how to write our sounds too, we practise doing that as well. Look at our amazing writing! 
Ten Frame Addition
We use ten frames to help us see our numbers clearly in maths. We had a go at finding the total of two numbers when we add them together and used ten frames to help us. We counted the first number of autumn objects and then put that many counters in our ten frames. Then we counted the next number of objects and put those counters in too. We counted all the counters together to find that the total and had a go at recording our findings now we know how to write our numbers too.