Autumn 2022

In maths this term, we have really enjoyed the practical side of this subject. When focusing on numbers to 10, we learnt the symbols for greater than, less than and equal to. We used cubes to help us understand that the smallest amount of cubes fits in the smaller part of the symbol and the largest amount of cubes fits in the wider part of the symbol. We also learnt that equals means 'the same as' so the bottom and the top of the cubes are in line with each other. When studying 3D shapes, we enjoyed making the shapes using playdough and paper straws. This helped us to see and understand how many sides each 3D shape has.
As part of our art this term, we have looked at the artist John Ndambo. John Ndambo is an African artist who likes to paint African landscapes where he grew up. He uses bright, deep colours to show the colour of the sky and the people's clothes. Year 1 created their own artwork inspired by John Ndambo. We painted the background using watercolours and used art pastels to colour the outline of the animals and people. We used sponges to paint the grass.
This term in RE, we have looked at the religions: Christianity and Judaism. As part of Christianity, we began looking at 'The Creation Story' in the Bible. We learnt that Christians believe God created the world in 7 days, with the 7th day being a day of rest after all his hard work! After reading the bible story, we represented what God created each day on a paper plate. Can you spot which day God created animals? Or water? Or on which day he created light?