Celebration Assembly

Celebration Assembly
To begin our Celebration Assembly this year, we celebrated children’s achievements outside of school.  It is great to hear about children's many amazing achievements outside of school, including swimming, music and dance! We are always so proud of our talented children. 
Next, we celebrated the children who had completed their silver, gold and even second bronze WOW cards this term! Each child who completed their gold WOW card received a book from Ms Thorp that they had chosen themselves.  A very special award! 
Then, the DASP citizens for the summer term were announced, followed by the overall DASP citizens for the year from each class. These awards are voted for by the children in their class. The overall Year 4 and 2 DASP citizens are also presented their award at the DASP Citizenship Awards presentation at Dorchester Thomas Hardye School.

Next, the two most hardworking children and two children who have made the most progress in each class over the course of the year were awarded a certificate and trophy cup! 

Following this, Year 4 children were each presented with an autograph book from the PTFA and a picture frame containing pictures of their time at Frome Valley right from reception. 

The final awards presented were for ‘Outstanding Citizen’ and ‘Outstanding Achievement’. Each award is given to a child in Year 4 rewarding his or her efforts throughout his or her time at Frome Valley. This is collectively decided by the teachers who have taught them.