Citizenship Day

Each school term begins with our Citizenship Day. On this day, the children consider their rights and responsibilities as a local, school and global citizen. We also dress in blue to remind us of our commitment to anti bullying. 
Find out below what each class did on Citizenship Day Autumn 2016:
Year 4
Year 4 considered their role as a citizen in the school community and explored the responsibilities that they have as the oldest children in the school. We watched a clip of the Minions working together created our Minion themed class charter, thinking about how working together is better than trying to do things on our own.
We also revisited our work on Growth Mindsets, looking forward to the challenges that Year 4 will bring but also considering how we will accept mistakes and build on them for future success!
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Year 3 
We learnt about our rights and responsibilities. We looked at the 'Rights For Every Child' booklet by UNICEF to learn more specifically about the rights of children. We learnt about Aklima, in a UNICEF video, who does not have all these rights.   
Then, we decided what responsibilities we all had to ensure everyone has the rights we enjoy at school. For example, so all children have the right to learn our responsibilities are to listen, try our best and follow instruction from the teacher. These responsibilities formed our Class Charter for the year. Here's to a great year in Year 3!
In the afternoon, we focused on Anti-Bullying. The children completed and acted out bullying scenarios and created eye-catching posters highlighting important matters regarding bullying.

Shield Project       

Our annual tradition is to begin the term with the ‘Shield Project’. The shield allows children to share some of the important things about them: favourite person; place; memory and object. This is very interesting for the new class teacher and is a nice record for children and parents look back on years later.