Eco-Schools 2021-2022

Eco-Schools 2021-2022
Our Eco-Schools committee is made up of two children from each year group. The children all volunteered to be on the committee and two of the year 4 children represent our reception class. The committee: 
Year 1 - Matilda and Hunter
Year 2 - Phoebe and Tobias
Year 3 - Holly and Torben
Year 4 - Layla and Hector
             Georgia and Hayden
Holly is our committee secretary and takes the minutes at our meetings. 
Our Eco Code
The committee came up with our Eco code. The code is an acrostic of Frome Valley and includes the three topics we have chosen for our application this year. 
The three topics are: 
Healthy Living 
Global Citizenship
Our Eco-Schools Action Plan
Global Citizenship
Part of our global citizenship has been to reduce our use of non-sustainable palm oil. We have pledged our commitment to the Dorset Sustainable Palm Oil Community Initiative. Our school lunches are provided by Food Links and they have already pledged to use only sustainable palm oil in their food. We are joining them as a school to ensure any food we prepare, in school, only uses sustainable palm oil. This is our policy statement: 
We at Frome Valley First School are committed to participating in the Dorset Sustainable Palm Oil Community Initiative. By September 2022 we will have worked with our suppliers to ensure that where palm oil is present in our food, it will be sourced from sustainable sources. This process is facilitated through annual supplier audits. By doing so, we know that we are helping to support livelihoods, fight climate change and protect wildlife around the world from the impact of unsustainable agricultural practices. 
Our Eco-Schools highlights of the year
This presentation shares the highlights of our year. The committee has worked hard over the year. We have had regular lunch time meetings to work on the three topics. We have shared our work through assemblies and are proud of our achievements.