Eco Schools 2014 - 2015

This year we are hoping to achieve Green Flag status.  These are the areas we will be working on in our action plan:
1) To keep the school litter free and improve recycling.
2) To reduce the amount of electricity used in school.
3) To have better community involvement with Eco Schools.
4) To develop the wildlife area in the school (improve biodiversity in the school grounds).
5) To include topics about sustainability in at least three different subjects in each year group.
For a more detailed version of our action plan, click on the link below.
Last year Year 3 took part in the GoGivers challenge.  As part of their project they created annimations which discusse the topic of litter and how plastic in particular is causing ecological disasters.

Switch Off Week 9th – 12th March

The week started with a whole school assembly explaining the aims of switch off week, which were to try to use less electricity saving the school money and putting less CO2 into the atmosphere.

The Eco School team went around school putting coloured stickers on all electrical switches.  If it has a green sticker anyone can turn it off, if it has a yellow sticker you have to ask an adult, if it has a red sticker it can’t be turned off.

Pupils across the school learnt about how electricity is made (both by burning fossil fuels and with renewable sources such as solar) and why it is important for the planet to try and burn fewer fossil fuels.  We also looked at how much electricity the school uses each month and the Eco team discussed ways we could try and reduce this further. 

Building a Bug Hotel 10th July 2015

This was a very exciting project which the whole school took part in. 

Each class brought in different materials to use and the pallets were recycled from the church build.

The hotel was built over the course of the day with each class adding a new layer.

The bug hotel is situated in our wild life teaching area.