Eco Schools 2015 - 2016

Power-down Afternoon
On December 17th 2015,  we held our very first power-down afternoon.  As we are such an energy efficient school, we had to think of something quite drastic in order to make an impact!  And we did!  Altogether, we saved a whopping £1. This doesn't sound like much, but have a look at the data below and it shows how much you can do with £1 of electricity.
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Walking Wednesdays
We have had two very successful walking Wednesdays so far.  The first Walking Wednesday we had 70 % of the school walking, scooting, or cycling compared with 50% the week before.  On the Second walking Wednesday, we increased that to 74%!  Thank you everyone for your support.
We are delighted to announce that we have achieved GREEN FLAG status! (March 2016) Thank you to everyone for all your hard work.  We can't wait for the flag to arrive.