Eco Schools 2017 - 2018

2017 - 2018 Action Plan
Each year, our Eco Schools Committee creates an action plan of Eco Schools work for the academic year. Here is our most recent action plan.
Green Flag Status
This year, we need to reapply for our Green Flag status.  The New Eco team started the year with their annual audit of the school and then drew up an action plan based on what they found.  There is a real focus this year on waste and litter.  Our Green Flag renewal application has been completed and the Eco team will continue to work with the school to keep this status. 
Walking Wednesdays
The Eco team have restarted Walking Wednesdays.  This is held once a month and pupils and teachers are encouraged to walk, cycle, scoot, bus, or car share to school on this day.  On the last walking Wednesday our car usage figures were down by 10%.  Reducing the number of car journeys we make means burning fewer fossil fuels.  Walking (cycling, or scooting) are also really good for your health and fitness.
Plastic Free Lunch
Plastic is NOT Fantastic!
In Year 3, the children wrote poems highlighting the environmental damage plastic causes.