Eco Schools 2018 - 2019

Actions for 2018 - 2019
  1. Reduce the amount of plastic waste we throw away e.g. milk straws and cartons, plastic free lunches.
  2. Recycle more items.
  3. Improve the biodiversity of the school grounds e.g. with a pond.
  4. Get involved in a community project.
School Pond
We have been really lucky to receive a grant from the Silver Lake Conservation fund which has meant that we have had a pond dug in our wild area.  This will provide the children with an amazing learning environment as well as providing additional biodiversity in the school grounds.
Courtyard Garden
We are delighted with the new raised beds in the courtyard garden.  All classes have been able to grow and taste their own veg this year.  Some plants will still be fruiting when the children come back to school.  The next phase for the courtyard is to add raised beds against the south facing wall in order for the children to grow a range of soft fruits. 
This year we have been part of Terrycyle's scheme to recycle crisp/biscuit packets and pens.  We have collected about 12 kilograms of plastic pen waste and over 150 crisp and biscuit packets.  We have also collected over 50 kilograms in used batteries.  Well done everyone who has supported us with this.