Weather Update/School Closure

28th February 2018
*****Weather Update*****
28/2/18 4pm
At the moment, Frome Valley cannot make the decision to close the school, in the event of snow, as the weather forecast is continually changing. 
If necessary, we will make the decision to close the school by 8am on Thursday 1st March. 
This would be based on current weather conditions and any forecast of snow for the rest of the school day. 
Should the school be open in the morning, but conditions then deteriorate, we would make the decision to close the school by MIDDAY.
Parents would then be contacted to collect their children as soon as possible. We ask that parents make provisional arrangements for this scenario. 
Procedure for school closure in event of snow
Parents will need to check Dorset For You School Closures for up to date information regarding school closures.