Harvest Festival 2018

Harvest Festival 
This year for our Harvest Festival, we chose to support the local food bank at The Dorford Centre in Dorchester.
To begin, Reception class performed a special harvest song for everyone. It was was their first time up on stage infront of everybody and they did a wonderful job! Well done Reception class, you all looked fab in your harvest headbands!
Year 1 linked Harvest to the Creation Story from the book of Genesis in the Bible. They showed their amazing 'creation plates' that they had designed in class. Beautiful work year 1!
Year 2 presented some meal ideas, using some food donations, in the format of a cooking show. Very entertaining and some lovely ideas, making us all feel hungry in the audience! 
Year 3 explained where our food donations would be going and how they would be used. 
Year 4 shared some information about food banks around the country and shared some stories from people who lives had been influenced by using food banks. 
The choir performed for us and sang an amazing Harvest song.
Thank you for all of your kind food donations for the food bank.