How We Care

Golden Rules

These rules have been devised with the children and are at the heart of how we run our school.  The rules are clear to the children and they understand that their behaviour is their choice.  When they choose to break the rules, this results in a ‘yellow card’ and the loss of 5 minutes of break or lunch time (3 minutes for KS1 children). A ‘red card’ is given for children that ignore very important rules and red cards result in a letter home to parents and loss of some break and lunch time. A child completes a reflection sheet if they receive a red card. 

Healthy Schools

The school has been involved in the Healthy Schools scheme for many years and have been validated as a ‘Healthy School’ 4 times with each validation lasting 3 years.

‘Healthy Schools’ is now included in Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) curriculum and is delivered to the children through 'Jigsaw’, which combines these aspects together  and delivers them under the ‘SEAL’ (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning’) umbrella.  This sounds really complicated, but all the elements are carefully planned to reinforce each other.  ‘SEAL’ is well-developed in the school and the Local Authority has identified the school as a ‘Lead SEAL school’ for the quality of the work we do.

The ‘Healthy Schools’ section covers a number of areas: healthy food, exercise for health, looking after your body (including smoking and drugs awareness) amongst others.  The school has always promoted healthy lunchboxes and is very pleased that hot school lunches are available for the children as well as children bringing in healthy packed lunches. As a school, we strive to ensure the children eat healthy food and all children in Key Stage 1 (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) all have the fruit and vegetables provided for them by the Government each day.  We have seen them try an increasingly wide variety of fruit and vegetables including mini cucumbers and their current favourite – semi-dried pineapple rings.  Children in Key Stage 2 (Years 3 and 4) all bring in a piece of fruit/vegetable from home for their morning break.

Exercise and PE in School

Exercise is another very important aspect of Healthy Schools.  We are pleased that the children have all children have the 3 hours of exercise each week that is the recommended minimum.  In addition, the school offers a number of after-school clubs focusing on exercise which have included football, tag rugby, cricket, basketball, skateboarding, trampolining and dance to name a few.  We vary these to depending on the season, the children’s interests and the availability of qualified course leaders.

Each year, during the Autumn Term, the school has a ‘special week' which covers Healthy Schools elements with the addition of the ‘Rights Respecting Schools’ programme.