Assessment For Learning (AFL)

'Assessment for Learning' (AfL) is at the heart of how we teach and learn at Frome Valley First School. It includes: talking partners; self and peer assessment; success criteria and effective questioning.

When using AfL, children are more actively involved in their own learning and the emphasis on learning shifts from the teacher to the child.

Here are just some of the reasons why we teach this way at our school:

Assessment for Learning:

  • allows more flexible teaching and learning
  • focuses on how pupils learn
  • fosters motivation and independence
  • helps learners know how to improve
  • develops self-assessment
  • emphasises: ‘what have you LEARNED today?’ not what you DID
  • children take control for their own learning
  • enables children to know how to improve their work and they are keen to do so
  • promotes active learning
  • raises self-esteem
  • improves behaviour within the classroom
  • is a life skill

You may hear your child talk about the different areas of Assessment for Learning such as:

  • talking partners
  • success criteria
  • the learning intention
  • traffic lights
  • marking each other's work
  • marking their own work
  • identifying their own next steps

All of these are elements of AfL and support the children in their learning.

Look at the following leaflets to find out more about AfL: