Humanities Week - Explorers

Humanities Week - Explorers
Tuesday: Environments Day
We kicked off our humanities week with a special assembly led by Adrian Hall - a freelance expedition and mountain leader  - who has been on many expeditions to remote places around the world including Alaska, the Arctic and the Galapagos Islands. Adrian showed photos of his adventures and demonstrated some of the kit needed to survive in such harsh environments!
Each class took part in a camping skills session with Adrian. The children learnt how to build an emergency shelter and imagined what it would be like if a blizzard was howling outside!
For the day, each classroom was transformed into a different environment. Places visited included the Amazon rainforest, African savanna and the depths of the world's oceans!
In Year 1 we went on safari! Can you spot the lion in his cave?
In Year 3 we made an erupting volcano just like on the Galapagos Islands!
Wednesday: Map Skills and Orienteering
Today the children learnt how to read and follow maps and they had an opportunity to practise their skills within the local area. Each class participated in a range of orienteering activities around the school led by our DASP schools sport coordinator, Mr Daley. 
Learning to follow a map
Thursday: History of the Local Area
We began the day by walking to the RAF War Memorial in Airfield Close. The children found out that the memorial commemorates those who served at the airfield (which was operational from 1937 to 1946) and who fell during the Second World War. 
On our return to school, the children visited different teachers and classrooms to learn about sites and monuments of historical interest within our locality. These included 'The Pit of Doom' and the Roman Mosaics in Dorchester. All classes enjoyed a Forest School session with Miss Padfield learning about the Neolithic way of life! 
Visiting the War Memorial
A fun-filled Forest Schools session
Friday: Famous Explorers
The children were greeted by their teachers, dressed as famous explorers, who shared stories of their amazing adventures and achievements! Famous faces included Buzz Aldrin who talked about travelling into space and Amelia Earhart who told us how incredible it was to be the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic. 
Can you guess which famous explorer each teacher is dressed as?
Making a snowy Arctic scene
Training like a polar explorer!
Pirate Treasure Hunt
To round off a fantastic week we held a pirate-themed treasure hunt. Children and their parents were given clues to various locations around the school. At each location there was a letter of the alphabet which, when collected and rearranged, spelled the name of a famous explorer!
Finally, we enjoyed a 'Pirate Party' in the hall with squash and biscuits to satisfy even the hungriest and thirstiest explorers!
We would like to thank everyone who helped to make Humanities Week such a success and for the donation from the PTFA which made it all possible. Thank you!
Following clues as part of the treasure hunt