Eco Schools 2019 - 2020

Eco Schools 2019 - 2020
Our new Eco Schools committee is made up of children in years 1-4. We have two representatives from each class: 
Year 1 - Sophie and Hollie
Year 2 - Layla and Hector
Year 3 - Harriet and Hope
Year 4 - Connor and Jacob
We will be having regular meetings to decide on new actions for the year. 
Walk to School Wednesdays
Wednesday 22nd of January saw the return of our walk to school Wednesdays. Each class has recorded the number of children who walk to school on a regular basis to then compare with our walk to school Wednesday data. 
So far the data shows an increase in the number of children who walked to school - there will be more details to follow...
Plastic free Lunches
Wednesday 22nd January also saw the return of plastic free lunches. We collected all the rubbish from the children who have packed lunches the previous Wednesday and discovered there was very little rubbish to collect. This is a brilliant sign of how hard we have already worked to reduce our plastic waste. Lots of children are using reusable containers for their lunches rather than single use plastics which is fantastic. We collected even less the following week which was fantastic. 
Action Plan
Here is our action plan for this school year. It shows all the works we will focus on this year and what we intend to do.