Maths Week

Maths Week 2017
Day 1 The Crystal Maze!
The week kick started with the Crystal Maze Challenge!
Over the course of the morning, each class completed five Crystal Maze challenges around the school enabling each child to gain a crystal to take home. As a reward for completing all five challenges, each class was then presented with a selection of maths games for their class to keep. Well done, Frome Valley!
Dominoes Challenge
Tangrams Challenge
Crack the Code 
Directions for the Blindfolded Challenge 
Computing Puzzle Challenge
Day 2 Outdoor Maths Day
Day 2 focused on how outside spaces can be fantastic for teaching Maths. Each teacher set up an outdoor maths activity and the children had a great day exploring maths in a different way! The weather was kind and it stayed dry all day!
The NCETM describes some of the benefits of Outdoor Maths learning as:
  • higher levels of motivation
  • an opportunity to see maths as cross-curricular
  • greater curiosity leading to more effective exploration
  • creative ideas driving investigations
  • meaningful application of problem solving strategies and thinking skills
  • the all important bridge between theory and reality
  • greater independence and an improved attitude to learning
  • a realisation that our environment offers opportunities for learning and enjoyment
The children took part in the following activities. Why not follow the links and have a go yourself?
Forest School Maths - Stick Insect Symmetry
Leaf Multiplication
Sticks and Shapes

Data Handling 
Sammy the Rope Snake

Day 3 - Maths through Art and Music
Day 3 encouraged the children to explore mathematical concepts in a different context; through art and music. Maths and art have a long historical relationship. Whether it is the use of the "golden ratio" in ancient art and architecture or the use of tessellation and symmetry to create intricate pieces of art, there are many ways that maths can be explored and expressed using different mediums. 
Year 1 looked at the artist Paul Klee. They first started with a square of coloured paper and then worked out what other shapes they could make by folding and then cutting the square. They then went on to create their own piece of art using different 2D shapes, inspired by Paul Klee's 'Cityscape'.
Year 2 looked at the work of graphic artist MC Escher - in particular his tessellating pictures and symmetrical designs. They made their own pictures by cutting shapes from folded paper and then unfolding the paper to reveal the symmetry! They used pattern blocks to recreate some colourful tessellating patterns before making their own unique template and using it to create a stunning design!
Day 4 - The Frome Valley Maths-tastic Quiz!
On the final day of Maths Week, the whole school community gathered together to take part in a Super Maths Quiz. Each team was made up of 2 children from each year group, a teacher or TA and any parents who joined us for the afternoon! 
Each round focused on a different area of maths with questions for each age group and included "bonus" challenges to earn extra points. It was fantastic to see the school hall packed with parents, grandparents, children and staff battling it out for the title of Maths Quiz Champions!