RE Week 2019

RE Week 2019
A new Autumn term brought another special school week to Frome Valley. RE week 2019 had the exciting theme of 'Christmas' this year and was full of festive activities in abundance. Here's what we got up to each day during this fun-filled week.
Monday - Chrismas Cooking Day
Each class spent the day cooking up some delicious Christmas treats ready to be decorated and wrapped to be gifted on Tuesday. From gingerbread reindeer's to peppermint creams - the school corridors with the delicious smell of cooking and baking. The children created their own wrapping paper and Christmas cards too. Extra treats were made to take home too! 
Tuesday - Christmas Kindness
Frome Valley spent Tuesday spreading Christmas joy around the local community. Reception, Year One and Year Two visited Crossways Court to attend a special coffee morning with elderly members of Crossways community. The children sang some carols and gave some of the treats they cooked on Monday to the people as gifts. The children also asked the grown-ups about their Christmas experiences from when they were children and found out that a lot has changed over the years.

Year 3 and Year 4 visited places around Crossways and showed some ‘random acts of Christmas kindness’ by giving people in the Co-op, library, doctor’s surgery and other places some of the treats
they had cooked on Monday. They also sang some Christmas carols around the village to spread some Christmas cheer.
Wednesday - Christmas Around The World
On Wednesday, the children visited each classroom to learn about how different countries around the world celebrate Christmas. Each classroom was set up as Christmas in Australia, Mexico, Russia, Italy and Ukraine. The children learnt about each country’s Christmas traditions and took part in activities that allowed them to have an experience of how Christmas traditions differ around the world.
Thursday : Christmas Walk
To learn the Christmas story in a meaningful and memorable way, all the children at Frome Valley went on a Christmas walk around the school. They visited 12 places around the school where they head a part of the Christmas story. They were then given something at each station to remember that part of the story. For example, they got a gold angel sequin to remind them of the Angel Gabriel coming to visit Mary and Joseph. 
A big thank you to the members of the Church community who came along to help us and read some parts of the story.
Friday: Bible Stories
On this day, we re-made the Bible story shoe boxes that have been on display at the front of the school. Each class learnt about four Bible stories and depictued them using arts and crafts inside a shoe box. They look really effective and we hope you enjoy looking at them on display by the office. Can you match each box with the right Bible story?