Safer Internet Day 2019

Safer Internet Day 2019
Safer Internet Day 2019 was celebrated globally with the theme: Together for a better internet.
In Reception, we spent time learning about what the Internet is and what things we might use it for. We did a survey to see to how many children use the internet and the result was....we all did! Whether it was to play games, watch videos on youtube or send messages with our parents, we all used it some how. We then learnt the importance of keeping ourselves safe online, not talking to strangers and using passwords to protect us!
Year 1
In Year 1 we discussed all the games that the children play online.  We learnt to describe what the internet is, name the things they can do online, explain different things they need to ask permission for, recognise how to make good choices online, explore ways to ask others for permission.
Year 2
Year 2 looked at what they thought the internet looked like (see photos!!). We then walked around the school looking for things that use the internet. We discussed how to keep safe online by respecting other internet users and also not giving away our personal information, including full name, address and passwords.
Year 3
In Year 3, we followed this year's national theme of 'Create Connect and Share Respect. A better internet starts with you!'
We explored the concept of 'permission': what it means; what it means in relation to us and the internet. This included understanding how the Data Protection Act 2019 applies to us as children and how we can keep our personal data safe.
Year 4
In Year 4, we focused on learning about the concepts of 'permission' and 'consent' when online. The theme was entitled 'Our internet, our choice - Understanding consent in a digital world'. 
The children explored online examples where different kinds of permission were required and worked on a definition of online permission. They also considered what personal information is and how care needs to be taken when asked for personal information online. 
The class then had a chance to consider how we deny permission for something and say no whilst respecting the feelings of others.