Special School Week - Art Week 10-14th February 2020

Art Week 2020 - The Environment
Our special school week this term focused on art. We chose 'The Environment' as our theme for the week. Each class was involved in using a variety of different media to produce individual, whole class and whole school pieces of art work. We had visitors from Weymouth College and The Thomas Hardye School to run exciting workshops with the children. There was also an art competition for the children to enter with some super prizes. At the end of the week, parents were invited to an exhibition of the work the children completed during the week. 
Monday - Whole School Frieze 
Today, the whole school worked to produce a frieze to be displayed in the main corridor. The children used oil pastels on acetate to create images of different environments around the world and how pollution and global warming is affecting them.
Tuesday - Individual Art Work 
Today, each class has chosen to focus on a particular environment around the world. The children have learnt about the importance of this environment, the wildlife that lives there and the art work produced by the indigenous people in this area of the world. The children have then created their own individual pieces of art work, related to their chosen environment, using a variety of media. 
Wednesday - Visitors from The Thomas Hardye School and Weymouth College
                    - Whole Class Art Project
On Wednesday, Lisa Embury, a foundation degree art student from Weymouth College, worked with all pupils focusing on printing natural objects onto clay. We also had teachers and students from Thomas Hardye School working with the children to weave old material and plastic bags onto hoops to create large scale artworks. A big thankyou to all our visitors!
As part of this day, we also created a whole class piece based on the local environment.  These will be displayed around the school for all to enjoy.
Thursday - 3D Art 
On Thursday, each class created a 3D piece of art based on their environment. In the afternoon, all work created as part of this week was displayed around the school for all children and adults to enjoy. The PTFA sold refreshments in the hall. 
Thursday - Art Competition Entries
To finish the week, parents and families were invited in to see all the amazing work we had done throughout the week. The work had been displayed throughout the school corridor in an amazing art gallery.