Easter Walk

Easter Walk
To celebrate Easter and bring the story to life, Frome Valley held an 'Easter Walk'. The children were split into groups of mixed ages and visited 10 stations set up around the school.  Each station represented one of the main parts of the Easter Story.  
The children sat and listened to the part of the story, took time to reflect on what they had heard, looked at the visual stimulus at the station and finally, to help them remember each part, the children were given a token to keep.  
The stations and token given were set up as so:
The Journey to Jerusalem - Mini palm leaf
Betrayed by Judas - silver coin
The Last Supper - a piece of bread
Praying at Gethsemane - a piece of grass
Crown of Thorns - small stick
Crucifixion - clay cross
Taken from the Cross - small stone
Risen from the Dead - small white fabric square
The Disciples see Jesus - small fish bead
The Ascension -  a white feather
The children took their bag of tokens home to enable to retell the story to friends and family.
A beautiful atmosphere was created and the children and adults really enjoyed their afternoon. 
A huge thank you to all the staff at Frome Valley and the church volunteers for helping make the Easter Walk such a lovely and memorable experience.