Spring 2018

History: Roman Britain
In the first half of this term we learnt about the Roman invasion of Britain and what life was like during Roman Britain times. We took an amazing trip to the Priest House Museum in Wimborne. The children took part in four activities: building Roman roads; wattle and daub making; mosaics; and examining Roman artefacts.
RE: Why did Jesus wash the disciples feet?
As part of our RE topic, Why do Christians call it GOOD Friday? we learnt about the last supper and during which Jesus washed the disciples' feet. We discussed what Jesus was trying to teach the disciples and others by doing this. Once knowing it meant everyone is important and no-one is too important not to stop and help others, we discussed ways we could take the time to help people we might not usually help.
Of course, this included taking the time to wash each others feet!
PE: Skateboarding
We had the wonderful opportunity to do skateboarding in PE this term! The six sessions were run by a specialist skateboarding coach. The children did really well developing their balance and coordination; learning tricks; and overcoming fears. Even class teacher Mrs Palmer had a go!