Spring 2018

Measuring in Maths!
We have been learning about 'measuring' and have tried measuring lots of different objects using different measuring equipment. We began by learning vocabulary linked to measuring, such as long, short, tall, heavy, light! We compared objects by length, height and weight. Then we had a go at using cubes to measure the height of some penguins! We had to use our counting skills and our writing skills too.
Teen Number Fun!
We have been working so hard on our teen numbers. We know that teen numbers are made up of a group of ten and extra ones. We have been taking part in lots of activities which encourage us to recognise teen numbers and count objects up to 20. We worked in groups to match a number of dots to the correct teen number on the ice cream cones!
People Who Help Us!
Our Spring topic, People Who Help Us, has seen us learn so much about all the amazing services that take care of us all the time. From teachers to firefighters, the coastguard to the police! We were so lucky to be visited by the Fire Service and a PCSO, who shared even more information about what they do to keep people safe and let us look at all of their uniform and equipment too! The fire engine came and we were allowed to sit inside it and blast water out of the huge hose pipes!
Making Easter Gardens
We have learnt all about Easter and what Christians believe happened during this time. We spent time learning about the symbols of Easter and new life that we see around us everyday. We learnt about the meaning of some of symbols from the Easter story and the Bible, such as the cross and the tomb. We worked in groups to create Easter gardens, making sure that we included the important Easter symbols that we had learnt all about. Our Easter gardens went on display in the schools' Reflection Area for everyone to see!