Spring 2019

Repeating patterns
We have been creating repeating patterns as part of our maths work on 2-D shapes. We started with two shapes and then tried to create patterns using three or more!  Can you work out how many shapes are in each sequence and where the pattern starts again each time?
Rainforest Art
As part of our 'Rumble in the Jungle' topic we learnt about the world's rainforests and about the animals that live there. We then looked at the work of a famous artist, Henri Rousseau, and decided to create a jungle-themed picture using some of the techniques he used in his paintings. Take a look at us having fun painting the background and creating our chalk pastel creatures!
Easter Pass-the-Parcel
We played pass-the-parcel to help us remember the order of the Easter story. Each layer contained an object, picture or word which provided a clue to the next part of the story. Inside the final layer were lots of mini eggs to share!