Spring 2019

History: Roman Britain
In the first half of this term we learnt about the Roman invasion of Britain and what life was like during Roman Britain times. As the local museums are closed for refurbishment this year, the Priest House Museum came to us! The children took part in four activities: indoor archaeological dig; dressing in Roman clothing and examining Roman artefacts. It was really good fun for all!
Scooting in PE
In PE this term, the children had the exciting experience of learning and developing their scooting skills with a skilled coach. All the children made amazing efforts to challenge themselves. In the final sessions, each child was able to demonstrate a new trick they had been taught or invented for by themselves!
In the second half of this term, we learnt about volcanoes. We learnt where about the formation of volcanoes, how volcanoes erupt and where they are in the world; in particular along the Ring of Fire.
Alongside this, we learnt and practiced mapping skills, the location of continents and many countries. It was a very exciting and interesting topic.