Spring 2019

PE - Cricket
This term, we had Sean Fitz-Gerald in to teach us cricket skills. We learnt a range of skills including catching, batting, bowling and fielding! We loved our cricket sessions and learnt a lot of new skills and cricket terminology.  Thank you to Chance to Shine for this opportunity!
Creative Curriculum - Cars
We looked at a range of cars and then created our own cars using a range of materials including wood and cotton reels. We needed to use our measuring skills from numeracy to ensure each opposite side of the frame was the same size. We then experimented with how to power cars in different ways.  Some children chose to use a balloon and others chose to use an elastic band.  We compared cars at the end of the project to see which cars went the furthest and why.
Numeracy - time
We have been learning how to read and write the time to 5 minute intervals in numeracy this term. We have used our 5 times tables to help us link analogue to digital time. Any work at home on reading and telling the time would be very helpful to your child!