Spring 2020

History: Roman Britain
In the first half of this term we learnt about the Roman invasion of Britain and what life was like during Roman times in Britain. As the local museums are closed for refurbishment, the Priest House Museum came to us! The children took part in four activities: indoor archaeological dig; making a mosaic; dressing in Roman clothing and examining Roman artefacts. It was really good fun for all!


With DASP sports coach Mr Daley, the children improved their ball skills and learnt how to play games as a team and tactically. It was very fun and exciting!



Birdfeeders and Teamwork

As part of our Going for Goals topic in PSHE, the children had to set themselves the goal of designing and making a birdfeeder in groups. By working in a group, they also had to use and develop their teamwork skills. The birdfeeders are now proudly hanging in our nature area!