Spring 2020

People Who Help Us!
We have learnt so much about all the different types of people who help us in our community. From police officers, to paramedics and teachers, to waste collectors and shopkeepers, there are too many to mention. We were lucky to have the Dorset fire service come and visit us and show us the fire engine and all the special equipment that they use. We even got to squirt the hose pipes! They were very strong and powerful!
Fiddly Fingers!
To help develop our fine motor skills, we have been doing daily fiddly finger activities to get our fingers and hands moving. We have learnt that we need good control of our hands and fingers to help us with lots of things, including writing and tying up shoe laces.
Part Part Whole Maths!
In maths, we have learnt how to use the part part whole method to add two single digit numbers together and count them all to find a total. Some us were doing adding numbers up to 20!
Waterproof Materials!
In science, we have been carrying out investigations to find out which materials are waterproof. We have to find out which would be the best material to make a coat for The Gingerbread Man so that he didn't crumble to pieces if he got wet.
Baking Gingerbread!
To complete our 'Traditional Tales' topic, we cooked some gingerbread men and gingerbread ladies. We helped measure out the ingredients and took it in turns to stir them in the big bowl. Decorating them was very fun, some of us even sneaked in a smartie or two!