Spring 2020

This term in Literacy, one of our topics has been 'Superheroes'. We began by reading some superhero stories, such as 'Supertato' and watching clips from superhero programmes. We then learnt a superhero story off by heart called 'Laserboy'. After that, we came up with our own superheros and wrote our own stories. We hope you enjoy reading some of them!
This term in science, we have really enjoyed carrying out investigations linked to material properties. We asked and answered questions about magnetic and non-magnetic. We predicted and then tested which materials were the best for a raincoat for Little Red Riding Hood. We also carried out a test to unfreeze characters which had been frozen by the evil 'Ice Boy'!!! We tried melting them in the sun, melting them in our hands and melting them in warm water.
This term, we have loved our PE sessions! We were lucky to have 2 different coaches - Tracy Moore for dance and aerobics and Sian from Relax Kids. In dance and aerobics, we learnt a range of different routines to some of our favourite music, including acadoo, the conga and Bruno Mars. In Relax Kids, we learnt how to relax and feel calm - some of us even fell asleep we were so calm! We can use these techniques at home and in other times at school too!