Summer 2018

Moreton River Trip
Water, Water Everywhere! was the theme of our late spring/early summer topic. To help us understand more about rivers we went for a walk along the River Frome, tracing its path from our drop-off point to the ford at Moreton. Along the way we had lots of activities to complete including measuring the width of the river at various crossings. We observed the wildlife both on and near the water including some ducks who were keen to 'say hello' as we ate our sandwiches!
It was a fun, action-packed day and we would like to say a special 'thank you' to all the parents who came with us and helped.
Prayer Mats
As part of our RE topic on worship, the children designed prayer mats featuring various Islamic patterns and symbols. It was such a lovely afternoon that we decided to go outside to colour them!
Beside the Seaside!
The weather was perfect for our trip to Weymouth to discover what makes the town such a popular destination for holidays and day trips. We spent the morning exploring the seafront looking for clues to Weymouth's past and comparing the seaside now with holidays in the past. Then it was time for a picnic lunch and a quick paddle or game on the beach before rounding off the afternoon with a well deserved ice cream!