Summer 2018

Food Glorious Food (Creative Curriculum)
In the first half of this term, our topic was 'Food Glorious Food'. We learnt where different food comes from and what a balanced meal is, including learning the terms: carbohydrate and protein. We visited Pizza Express where we created our own pizza and learnt about the ingredients that go into making a pizza. We also visited Waitrose in Dorchester where we learnt and tasted different foods sold in the store including a variety of fruit. We were able to go into different areas of the store, including the bakery, the delivery area and the freezers!! We even got to hold different fish at the fish counter!
Hats (Creative Curriculum)
In the last half term, Year 1's topic was 'hats'. They began the topic by looking at (and trying on!) lots of different hats and identifying their favourite parts. They then looked at the famous hat designer Philip Treacy. They went on to design and make their own hats for an end of term celebration. I think we may have lots of budding designers in Year 1 as the hats they made were fantastic!!
RE (Judaism)
This term, we have looked at the Jewish celebration of Shabbat. We learnt all about what happens during this celebration including: when it is, what happens before shabbat, what happens during shabbat and what kind of food and drink they have during shabbat. We then created our own shabbat candle holders and made some challah bread. We finished this topic with a shabbat meal which began with a blessing from the oldest girl in our class.