Summer 2018

Trip to Moors Valley
What an amazing day we had at Moors Valley on our school trip. The children enjoyed some time playing in the park, a picnic lunch in the shade and a minibeast hunt in the meadow. We finished off a fantastic day with a yummy ice lolly under the trees. Thank you to all the grown ups who came to help.
Our Chicks!
To support our learning and understanding during our 'Growing' topic, we hatched our own chicks! We kept in an incubator in the classroom and looked after them until they hatched! We had to make sure the incubator was at the right temperature and has enough water in it so the eggs didn't dry out too much.  We checked this everyday by partaking in 'Chick Watch', during which we did some maths to work out how many days were left until the chicks were due to hatch.  After 21 days of looking after our eggs, 4 beautiful chicks hatched and were lovely and healthy. We took good care of them, with the children helping to feed them, water them and help clean out their box. 
Sharing into Equal Groups!
The children have made so much progress in their maths this year! We spent some time sharing a number of objects into equal groups. The children really enjoyed the challenge, with some children trying to work out the answer in their head before working it out practically.