Summer 2019

Chesil Beach Centre
Thanks to a kind donation from ASSET (via Mr Steve Stubbings), the Year 4 children were lucky enough to visit the Chesil Beach Marine Centre in Weymouth. This linked with our recent science topic 'Living Things and their habitats'.
At the centre, the children learnt about the fantastic habitat that the Fleet Lagoon and Chesil Beach provide for a vast range of species including birds, skates and rays, sharks, turtles and fish. With our ranger, Marc, Year 4 spent time exploring the edge of the lagoon as well as the beach itself. They  discovered some of the plants and animals that inhabit these areas and learnt how the different organisms depend upon each other.
After lunch, the children then took part in a beach litter pick, collecting an alarming amount in a very short time.This helped them to consider the positive and negative impact of humans on this unique habitat and to think about ways to help preserve its special wildlife.
Diocese of Salisbury Leaver's Service  
Year 4 spent a very enjoyable day at Wimborne Minster Church taking part in a range of activities based upon the Bible story of 'The Mustard Seed'. This event was organised and run by the Diocese of Salisbury and the RISE Theatre Group.
The children spent the morning taking part in various workshops along with other Year 4 children from the Diocese. They acted, sang and created art work which all contributed to the leavers service at the end of the afternoon. Using what they'd learnt and created in the morning, Year 4 helped to tell The Mustard Seed story and learnt some important lessons about believing in themselves and moving forward with confidence to their new schools. 
Year 4 Leaver's Trip to Moors Valley Park
At the end of the Summer Term, the Year 4 children spent a team building day at Moors Valley Country Park. This was an opportunity for the children to spend some quality time together out of the classroom before moving on to Middle School. 
The children and the adult helpers had a fantastic day out! We had lots of fun and made some special memories.