Summer 2019

Our Island Home
We began our topic by reading 'Katie Morag Delivers the Mail' - a story set on the fictional Scottish island of Struay. We worked in pairs to design and make our own model islands, complete with beaches, caves, cliffs, houses and even a lighthouse! Then we drew maps of our islands and added a key. 
As part of our Judaism unit on Shabbat we made Challah bread. It was great fun kneading the dough and then shaping it into the traditional plaited loaves. The following day we had our own Shabbat meal complete with bread, jam and grape juice. It tasted delicious!
Thorncombe Woods
What a beautiful day we had for our trip to Thorncombe Woods! We began with a walk to find natural items for our 'story sticks'. We collected a variety of fallen leaves, twigs, catkins and flowers in different colours, shapes and textures and wound them onto our sticks using wool. We then used these back at school to 'tell' the story of our walk and to write some descriptive 'list' poems!
Next, we all got to make a 'wild thing' mask using clay and an assortment of natural materials such as leaves, moss and twigs. Take a look at our masks below! Which one do you think is the wildest?
We used photographs to try to identify some of the plants we found, including oak trees, holly bushes and nettles. All this work made us hungry and lunchtime couldn't come quickly enough!
Our last activity involved looking at some heathland vegetation and comparing it with woodland. We  had a minute to try and collect as many different coloured pieces of wool as we could. It was great fun! This led on to a discussion about the need for some animals to use camouflage to avoid being caught and eaten. Finally, there was just time for a last play in the woods before we boarded the minibus back to school!
We would like to say a huge 'Thank You' to all parents who accompanied us on our trip. We hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did!