Summer 2019

Our Little Chicks!
Reception class have been very fortunate to take care of 6 eggs. We followed their journey from egg to chick as we raised them in our classroom. We all all wrote down a name and popped them into a hat then Miss Padfield chose some at random. The chicks were called Cheepy, Lucy, Superman, Forky, Seeky and Mr Cheeky. We learnt so much as we cared for them and nutured them until we took them back to the farm. 
We kept a chick diary to document the changes we could see over the few weeks that we had them.
Learning to use Laptops
This half term, Reception class have learnt how to use laptops. Every child learnt how to log on, access google, search for a website, log off and shut down. We linked our learning to internet safety and learned lots of ways to keep ourselves safe online, such as using passwords, telling grown-ups if we see anything we don't like and not talking to any strangers online.
Learning about Capacity 
We had lots of fun learning about capacity and filling up lots of beakers and containers with different amounts of water. We focused on the key language of full, empty and half full and challenged ourselves to fill the beakers to match the words. 
Our Trip to Moors Valley
We went on the bus to Moors Valley. Whilst we were there, we went on a minibeast safari down by the meadow. Using special nets, we sweeped through the bushes and grasses to see what minibeasts we could find. Some of us found grasshoppers, spiders, beetles and butterflies. 
Then we had lunch in the picnic park!
After lunch, we walked down to the train station and went on a round trip on the train. It was so much fun! We got to see lots of Moors Valley Park and we loved screaming as we went through the dark tunnel!
We finished off our trip with an ice-cream and some time in the play park. We all had such a great day.