Summer 2022

Relax Kids
We have been very lucky to have Sian from Relax Kids working with us every Tuesday afternoon. We learn lots of different techniques to help us relax and learn about our emotions. We start each session with lots of energetic movements to make our bodies 'fizz' then we spend time calming them again to learn how to relax. Sometimes we become so relaxed we even fall asleep!
Class Trip to Lorton Meadows
On Wednesday 18th May we were so excited to be going on our first school trip. We went with Year 1 to visit Lorton Meadows nature reserve in Weymouth. The trip supported our work in science looking at plants, trees and different animal habitats. One of the most exciting things was going on the coach. It was a huge coach to fit all of us on and some of us thought it was like being on a rollercoaster!
We took part in lots of activities including pond dipping, bug hunts and a nature walk looking at trees and flowers. 
It was such a super day out for us all.