Well-being and Citizenship Day

Well-Being and Citizenship Day
The importance of good mental health and well-being is at the forefront of education and health services at the moment. We spent part of our spring Citizenship day focusing on mental health and well-being and ensuring that our children know strategies to use to support themselves and others and to keep themselves feeling super!
In Reception, we began the day discussing ways in which we keep our bodies healthy and then slowly moved on to our 'brains' and how to keep ourselves feeling happy, healthy and ready to take on the world! We discussed the power of being outside and then being surrounded by nature is a way a lot of people help themselves to feel calm, happy and relaxed.  We took ourselves out into the Forest School area and participated in some collaborative mindfulness colouring. It was lovely to sit outside and listen to nature all around. We felt great after being outside!
In the afternoon, we learnt about our planet and ways in which we can help keep it safe and healthy. We put some of our ideas into practise by going outside and doing a litter pick around the school grounds. The children came up with the idea of recycling the litter that we found too!
Year 1
We started the day by revisiting previous work on feelings. We then looked at a picture of children playing in a playground and identified some of the things that were going on. We chose some characters and wrote speech bubbles to explain what the children might be thinking and feeling. Finally we thought about how being aware of our own and other people's feelings can help us to feel safe and happy at school.
Year 2
Year 2 focused on kindness. We discussed what kindness looked and felt like in school and outside of school. We created a #friendshipwall where we placed hearts that included examples of when we had seen someone else show kindness. We added to this wall of kindness throughout the term.
Year 3
Year 3 began the day looking at the school value of Perseverance. We talked about how we can use perseverance to continue to learn and achieve our best for the rest of our time in Year 3. Each child planned three targets the wanted to work in and they were recorded and displayed in the class room.
Also, we continued our learning from last term's citizenship day about children from four different countries: Ethiopia, India, Peru and Viet Nam. For each country we learnt about a child in a rural and urban setting. In partners we looked closely at one child and then conducted interviews with other partners, posing as these children, to learn about the other children.
In the afternoon we learnt about our 'Inside Helper' and they can help us overcome difficulties. In particular bullying issues; either bullying directed at us or bullying we witness.
Year 4
In the morning we talked about how we can look after ourselves and have healthy minds. We looked at what made us happy and what we were good at. We questioned others in the class about what they were good at too. We learnt to appreciate that we all have different skills and things we enjoy.
In the afternoon we created our own page of blessings to show the things we are grateful for and what things we are good at.