World Book Day

World Book Day 2019
Reception used 'World Book Day' as the perfect opportunity for a visit to the local library. We walked to the library dressed in our book character costumes and spent time exploring all the amazing books with our friends. Before we left, Miss Padfield read us a story and we made our way back to school. In class, we spent time creating crafts linking to some of our favourite stories, for example, making witches hats and wands after reading Room on the Broom!
Year 1
To kick off World Book Day we read 'Charlie Cook's Favourite Book' - a rhyming story about a boy who enjoyed all sorts of books! Then we looked at a selection of books from our book corner and sorted them into the different types and genres (adventure stories, poetry, joke books, information etc). Then we went on a 'book scavenger hunt' by solving clues hidden around the classroom!
In the afternoon we listened to 'The Enormous Crocodile' by Roald Dahl before designing and painting a front cover. Finally, we wrote a review of our favourite class book. 
Take a look at us dressed in our World Book Day costumes!
Year 3
The children made an excellent effort to dress up as book characters. They looked so good!
Their teacher became a story teller to tell us the story of 'The Knights Tale'. We used our story mapping skills to recreate the story and tell in ourselves. Then, we innovated the story adding and changing characters, settings and events.
Year 4
Year 4 enjoyed dressing up as characters from their favourite books. We spent some time guessing which chararcters the children had chosen and discussing the books the characters came from.
The class spent part of the day writing their own stories that they had planned beforehand.
The children also enjoyed listening to some WW2 short stories during the day.