Autumn 2023

This term, we have been learning about rocks.  We discovered that some rocks are natural, such as granite or limestone, and some are human-made, such as concrete.  There are three main ways that natural rocks are fomed; these are sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks and igneous rocks.  
In one lesson, we tried to make a representation of sedimentary rock, by creating flakes of sediment that might have fallen from a cliff (represented by the clay) into the sea (represented by the blue paper).  Over time, the sediment is pushed together, forming sedimentary rock.  The grains are still visible.
If the sedimentary rock then becomes heated by magma, along with the high pressure from the ocean above, the rock will be transformed into metamorphic rock.  
Igneous rock is made from cooled lava.  It can form above the ground's surface, when a volcano erupts, or underground if the magma chamber doesn't reach the surface.  
In DT, we have been learning about levers and linkages.  The lever is the long bar and the linkage is where the levers can pivot. We learnt that oscillating movement is one that moves backwards and forwards in an arc; rotating movement is in a circle; linear movement in a straight line.  
After making several moving pictures, we had to work as a class to design and make an extendable barrier for the corridor.  It was tricky and we had to persevere, as well as use great team work.  
Over the term, we have learnt about Islam and Chritianity.  
We were interested to find out about how Muslims show their submission and obedience to Allah.  We listened to the call to prayer and watched a Muslim girl explain and show how to pray: .
Our focus, in Chritianity, was Incarnation.  This is when Jesus came to earth as a real flesh and blood baby, also known as the Nativity story.  It is found near the middle of the Bible, at the beginning of the New Testament.  We also found out about The Trinity, a closely related group of three, in Christianity - God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  We created our own calm bottles, containing three elements to represent The Trinity.