Citizenship Day 2018

To begin, Reception looked at 2 eggs. From the outside, we noticed they looked very different! But when Miss Padfield cracked them open, inside they were the same. We compared this to people and recognised that it was the same thing! People look different on the outside but on the inside, we are all the same!
Reception looked at pictures of children from all around the world and discussed similarities and differences too. We noticed that we looked different, played with different toys and lived in different places. But, we also noticed that we all loved playing, loved our friends and liked going to school too. 
In the afternoon, we learnt a lot more about recycling and how important it is to do to keep our planet safe and healthy. We spoke about the recycling that we do at home and they took part in a recycling activity so that we could see the range of recycling bins that are available to use!
Year 1
We focused on the theme of how we are similar and different to other people in our country and across the world. We began by watching a clip of a fictional place called 'Panwapa' and how they were mean to a new character who had just arrived on the island just because he was new and different. We discussed likes and dislikes in terms of food, hobbies and toys and created our own 'Panwapa' cards that showed these likes and dislikes. We then shared together how many people were similar but also how many people were different and that this was OK. We went on to create our own board games on the theme. The afternoon focused on bullying and we created a poster on ICT that explained what bullying is.
Year 3
We Learn about eight children from the Ethiopia, India, Peru and Viet Nam: two children from each country; one from a city; one from the countryside. We compared their lives with ours by using fact sheets to each pose as one of the children and conduct mock interviews. We had an inciteful time challenging assumptions of the children and where they came from! Then we estimated various standards of living for each of these countries and the UK by ordering them from highest to lowest; most to least. Who has the largest population? Who has the longest life expectancy? Who has the most poverty? etc. The answers weren't always as we expected!
In the afternoon, we learnt about the effects of verbal bullying. Sticks and stone may brake my bones but words can never hurt me? We had a great debate about the meaning and (lack of) truth behind this age old saying. This allowed us to better understand about the long-term effects of verbal bullying.
Year 4
Our Citizenship focus for this term was on problem solving in a peaceful way. We discussed what to do in different scenarios and used our school behaviour model of Restorative Justice to consider how we would solve the problems, ensuring that everyone involved agreed and was happy with the outcome. After this, we considered how we work together as a community in our school. Each person in the class created a puzzle piece showing their own unique qualities and what they offer the school community. We then looked at how we all fit together as a whole puzzle, despite each of us being different and special in our own way. 
During the afternoon, we focused on My World, Your World from the Oxfam website. We were introduced to children of a similar age and considered how life was similar and different to our own, commenting on school and home life, family and friendships.