Summer 2023

School Trip
At the end of May, Year 1 and Year 2 went on their school trip to Swanage. They began their journey by catching the steam train from Morden to Swanage. They loved looking at all the views out of the window, including Corfe Castle. Many of them had never been on a train before, let alone a steam train! Once we got to Swanage, we walked to the beach. We used our fantastic art skills to draw and then paint the beach and the sea in the style of Claude Monet. We had studied Monet's painting 'At the Seaside' previously in the classroom. We then ate our lunch, created sandcastles and had an ice lolly before heading back on the steam train. What a fantastic day!
This term, we have learnt how to play the boomwhackers. We have learnt that they are all different colours and different lengths and that each coloured tube has a different note. We can play some tunes such as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.
Design and Technology
This term, we have learnt about how to prepare food safely, how our food comes from the farm to our plates and where different food comes from. We then planned and prepared a fruit salad to eat. Some of us even tried new fruits!
In Art, we have been looking at Mesopotamian Art and looking at how they drew on clay tiles. We designed and then made our own clay tiles with lots of pictures on them. We hope you like them!