Summer 2023

Design and Technology
This term we looked at food. We discussed how to keep food safe for us to eat. We looked at which fruit and vegetables were in season in which month. We then planned how to make our own dips and what food we would include. Having designed them we made them and tasted them. Some of them tasted  very good, some of us wanted to improve their designs and textures.
This term we have looked at Abstract Art and have painted pictures in the style of Wassily Kandinsky. Also we looked at Abstract Art sculptures and designed and made our own 3D sculpture. They had very interesting shapes and looked amazing!
This term we have studied Buddhism and Hinduism. We made origami lotus flower to represent the symbol that Buddha used for enlightenment and we drew some Hindu gods as we considered the value of dharma (duty). We made friendship bracelets too, demonstrating how Hindus show their duty to each other.