Our Staff

Our Headteacher
Miss Thorp is a kind and caring Headteacher and she also teaches Year 4. She is always happy and proud of our school and she is a lovely teacher to have.
Miss Thorp is a trained Trauma Informed Schools practitioner.
Miss Dixon is the SENDCO for the school. She makes sure that children with additional needs are looked after. She meets with teachers to talk about the children in their class.
 Our Class Teachers
Miss Padfield is the Reception class teacher. She is funny, kind and teaches us lots. Miss Padfield is a trained Trauma Informed Schools practitioner.
She also teachers her class Forest Schools.
Mrs Ashby teaches Year 1. She is very kind and caring. Mrs Ashby loves PE and dance. Mrs Ashby works Monday-Thursday. 
Miss Dixon teaches Year 2. She has a pet bird called Crow. Crow helps us learn. She teaches us maths and lots of other things. Miss Dixon is funny. Miss Dixon is also the SENDCO for the school. She also teaches Forest Schools to lots of classes.
Mrs Croft teaches in Year 3. Mrs Croft is sweet and kind and helps us learn.
Mrs Schoorens teaches Year 4. She helps us learn. She helps people at French. She is the best at French. She is kind and caring to everyone. Mrs Schoorens is the best teacher in the world. She works Wednesday - Friday.
Mrs Hunter teaches in both Year 1 and Year 4. She is very creative. Mrs Hunter leads music in the school including leading the school choir. She teaches Year 4 on Monday-Tuesday and Year 1 on a Friday.
Our Teaching Assistants
Mrs Freeman helps us with our learning. She helps us read and write. She also teaches some of the classes. Mrs Freeman is the HLTA for our school. She works on speech and language with children in the school.
Mrs Trent helps the Year 2 children. She is very kind. She is really funny and loves to play. Mrs Trent leads our Hamish & Milo Wellbeing Intervention.
Mrs Sparkes works in Reception. She listens to us read and, when we are upset, she helps us. She also helps us when we are stuck. Mrs Sparkes is also a lunchtime supervisor.


Mrs Brown is really nice. She helps us with learning and smiles a lot. She works in Year 3. Mrs Brown is the ELSA for our school.


Mrs Norris works in lots of different classes. She works Wednesday-Friday. Mrs Norris coordinates our Learn To Move programme. She is also a HLTA for the school.
Mrs Smith helps all of us with our learning. She is very kind. Mrs Smith works in Year 1 on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Mrs Bolton works in Year 1 on a Monday and Tuesday. She is kind, helpful and supportive. She smiles a lot and helps us with our work.
Our Lunchtime Staff
Mrs Barker cooks our lunch for us. She is a very good cook! On a Friday, she cooks fish and chips - we all love it!
Miss Harmon-Beglan is our Senior Lunchtime Supervisor. She looks after us and helps us at lunchtime. She is lovely and kind. Miss Harmon-Beglan LOVES dancing!
 Mrs Sparkes helps you up if you have fallen over by cheering you up!
Mrs Grey is very kind and helps us with our games at lunch time. She helps us in the hall too.
Miss Cox looks after us and is very nice. She helps us at lunchtime. If we put our hand up, she always comes to us.
Our Office Staff
Mrs Gray works in the office. She answers the phone and helps count out the money. 
Mrs Merridan works in the school office. She answers the phone and buys things for the school.
Our Cleaners
Mrs Caines and Mrs Barker are the cleaners for our school. They help keep the school clean and tidy.
Our Caretaker
Mr Matthews is our school Caretaker. He is employed by the Wessex Trust and works in many schools in the Trust. He helps mend things when they are broken.
Extended Services
Gemma looks after us in Happy Valley and makes us a snack. She helps us with our homework and organises toys for us to play with. Gemma makes us breakfast in Breakfast Club.
Gemma works in Breakfast Club every day and works in Happy Valley on a Monday and a Tuesday.