Autumn 2023

All About Me: Painting Self-Portraits
We spent the first few weeks of school on our topic, 'All About Me'. A perfect topic for getting to know each other and talking about ourselves. Sharing our likes and dislikes is really important to help build good, strong relationships with our peers at the beginning of the year. As a part of the topic, we learn about the parts of our body and our five senses. We learn about how we all look different and we are unique and that that's AMAZING! To highlight our different looks, we created a self-portrait - using mirrors to identify our own hair colour, eye colour, skin colour and more! We compared what we looked like to our friends and enjoyed mixing colours to create the perfect match. 
One of our topics this half term has been 'fireworks' and we have been learning about how they are used in many different celebrations all around the world. We created some firework marble paintings and stuck on a picture of The Houses of Parliament after learning about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire night. 
We made some 'sparklers', using art straws and tissue paper, after learning about the danger of fireworks and ways to keep ourselves safe when around them. 
We learnt about the Hindu celebration of 'Diwali' and how fireworks are used during the celebration as it is known as the 'Festival of Lights'. We created some beautiful rangoli patterns and designed some diya lamps.
Maths: Shapes with 4 Sides!
We have been learning about squares and rectangles. We started to notice the shapes all around us and began to describe their properties. We learnt new mathematical language for describing the properties of squares and rectangles to help us do this, such as ‘sides’, ‘straight’ and ‘corners’.
We sorted shapes into 'squares' and rectangles' and we began to explore the properties of the shapes by creating them out of match sticks. We also discovered that other shapes can be combined to make new shapes.