Eco- Schools 2023-24

Eco-Schools 2023-2024
Our Eco-Schools committee is made up of two children from each year group. The children all volunteered to be on the committee and two of the year 4 children represent our reception class. The committee: 
Year 1 - Fern and Lydia
Year 2 - Lexi and Wolf
Year 3 - Matilda and Olivia
Year 4 - Emily and Tobias
Emily is our committee secretary and takes the minutes at our meetings. 
Our Eco Code created by the Frome Valley Eco Committee
Our Eco Schools Topics and Aims for the year are:
LitterTo reduce the amount of litter in and around school.
WaterTo use less water and reduce the school’s water bill.
Global CitizenshipFor adults, friend and families from the school, to use sustainable palm oil products.
Please read and take action from our Sustainable Palm Oli leaflet created by the Eco Committee!