Overview of Curriculum Subjects: Numeracy

Overview of Curriculum Subjects
We teach numeracy through a maths mastery approach. This approach means that teaching focuses on children mastering key concepts and building on their knowledge each year (a spiral curriculum!). Maths Mastery focuses on a child's ability to reason about a concept and make connections to other concepts.  It also focuses on procedural fluency with conceptual understanding, i.e. the understanding of how and why something in maths works.
At Frome Valley First School, we use the White Rose Maths scheme to teacher Maths Mastery.
Key Components of Maths Mastery
Talking in whole sentences: when giving an answer in a maths lesson, we encourage children to speak in whole sentences and use the correct vocabulary to explain their answers.
Stem sentences: these are often sentence starters which help children explain their thinking. Children can then use stem sentences to answer a question in a maths lesson.
Concrete. pictorial and abstract (CPA): this focuses on children learning new concepts through concrete resources (e.g. cubes, rekenreks, coins etc...) before they move to a pictorial representation of the concept. Finally, they explore the concept in a more abstract way.
Variation: for a child to understand a concept, they need to see variations of that concept. They need to see examples (e.g. different examples of a triangle) but also non-examples (e.g. shapes that are not a triangle and the reason why).
Fluency: it is important that children can recall mathematical facts and concepts without thinking. In particular, this includes number bonds (e.g. 4+2; 7-9; 12-4; 14+6), subitising (to recall mathematics facts and concepts without thinking) and times tables. With fluency, children can use their number sense to solve problems Fluency is knowledge in the long term memory which then frees up the working memory to solve problems in maths.
Early number knowledge: we use Numberblocks (see link below) to support children's understanding of number and, in particular, number bonds.
Year Group Maths Overviews
Below, you will find the curriculum overviews for maths for each subject.
There are also knowledge organisers that can help you know more about what your child is learning at school. You can find these knowledge organisers on the class pages under curriculum.
Year 1 Maths Overview
Year 2 Maths Overview
Year 3 Maths Overview
Year 4 Maths Overview