Overview of Curriculum Subjects: Science

Overview of Curriculum Subjects
We teach a range of subjects in a similar way. Each of these subjects are taught as discrete subjects. This is because we are working on developing a child's schema in that subject. 
Please see our school curriculum model overview for more information. 
For Science, we teach basic, advancing and deep for the national curriculum content in each year group. The first time the area of science is taught, it will be taught at basic level. Then, when revisited, it will be taught at advancing and deep level. 
By revisiting an area of science twice, children can develop their understanding and ensure that they are learning key knowledge in their long term memory. 
Throughout their time in working towards a milestone, children are also progressing in their vocabulary.
Year 1 Curriculum Overview: Science
Year 2 Curriculum Overview: Science
Year 3 Curriculum Overview: Science
Year 4 Curriculum Overview: Science